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I tried not to write anything cause her tag is a mess right now. I had to scroll down everything and it took me ages. (trying to save all kind words and edits, so I apologize if I miss any) But I couldn’t help myself. Because today is a day that needs to be remembered.
It’s not the fact that she came out and relieved herself from the chains of society, or even the fact that we all thought “I knew it”. IS THE FACT that she did one of the bravest things anyone could do in her situation. No one had the right to tell her when or why she had to talk about it. She did, cause she finally felt comfortable doing so. And her speech, was one of the best political speechs I’ve heard in my entire life. It was perfect. So beautiful and inspiring as only she is able to make it. And I knew it wouldn’t be less, coming from her.
This woman is a role model, people. She’s not just an incredible actress. She’s an activist, a feminist, a fighter of human rights, and now we can add she’s a true example of the lgtb community. I’ve been crying all day, because I won’t lie saying I wasn’t waiting for this day to come. I feel like I’ve been waiting for it all my life (lol) and I never thought I could love her more than what I was already doing, but suddenly, I respect her more than ever before. I love her talent but I also love her courage, as any other detail of her fucking existence. And I’m just so happy to see everyone’s feeling this way about her today, because she deserves it.
So thanks for being you, Ellen. And for sharing this with us. But mostly, for doing it for yourself. Please know that your fans will keep loving and supporting you, deeply and unconditionally. — fy-ep
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